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Lori Saxty
STG, Inc.
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Sr. Contract Manager
Brian Reimer
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STG, Inc.
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Ordering under the contract is authorized to meet the needs of the Army, Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies. Task Orders may be placed by any Contracting Officer in the Army, Department of Defense, and other Federal Agency. The Army’s complete instructions and requirements for the use of the ITES 2S contract are available and maintained online by Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) at

All services under this contract will be ordered by issuance of written task orders in accordance with FAR subpart 16.5, Indefinite Delivery Contracts as implemented by DFARS 216.505, Indefinite Delivery Contracts. An appropriate order form (DD Form 1155) shall be issued for each order.

The Task Order Contracting Officers (TO KO) will initiate the task order process by the issuing a Task Order Request (TOR). All TORs will be issued via the CHESS IT e-mart,

Ordering under the contract is decentralized, and is authorized to meet the needs of the Army, Department of Defense, Foreign Military Sales Program, and other Federal agencies. All Ordering Contracting Officers within the aforementioned agencies may place orders against this contract. There are no Agency pass-through or service fees associated with this contract. Individual task orders will be awarded by the Ordering Contracting Officers.

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